Gus Malzahn Asked About UCF "Pressure Cooker" by Local Reporter

Daren Stoltzfus from WESH 2 here in Orlando asked a simple, innocent question, that took off on social media. Reality: Anytime anyone in Orlando claims UCF is some bastion of college football, people around the country (and state) lose their minds...I low-key love it.

His question was "do you have a good grasp of the pressure cooker you're walking into"? Oh people lost their minds...THIS GUY COACHED AT AUBURN, HE COACHED IN THE SEC, OF COURSE HE KNOWS PRESSURE! (Yes, I'm saying that in the voice you assume)

Look, on the surface, in today's read a sentence and think nothing more of it society, I get it. There are a lot of fragile minds out there that can't handle a group of 5 school having confidence and standards...but here's the deal...Daren prefaced the question with "you've dealt with ravenous fans" - as if to say, you knew when you went to Auburn, those fools are crazy...are you aware that UCF fans are their own brand of crazy? But he wasn't going to word it that way, because he's a professional. Anyway, Daren is on the show today @ 3:20, if you can't catch it live: Download the podcast on iHeartRadio after the fact.

Auburn v LSU

photo: getty images

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