Jacksonville Jaguars: The NFL's Newest Super Villain

The Jags have been the lovable losers for the past couple of years. Their story included a quarterback with flowing locks and manicured mustache, backups getting a chance to shine on an NFL stage, and not a lot of wins to account for it.

Those days are gone.

When Urban Meyer was hired there was a buzz because this team that had their quarterback meet Uncle Rico was finally getting a coach to change their direction. Little did they know they would immediately fall under the super villain category. Meyer of course is far from the cleanest coach in history. We've seen stories of him telling kids to sign injury waivers to save scholarships, the whole Florida debacle, and an arrogance that doesn't sit right with people. Now he is hiring other villains.

His new strength and conditioning coach is Chris Doyle, the man who was removed from Iowa after it came out that he was a bully and used racist language toward black players. When asked about the hire Urban Meyer talked about how he had "known him for 20 years," and how he "vetted" him.

Sure. That checks out.

Here's the deal Jacksonville. You are going to win games. Probably a lot of games in the next few years, but you are going to have the ire of the league upon you. Fans will think of you how we all thought of New England and Bill Belichick. I hope that you had fun the last couple years watching people have fun with your team because the good feelings are going away. What once were lighthearted jabs about Minshew Mania are about to become haymakers of hate.

I hope the wins will conceal the bruises.

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