ICYMI: Tom Brady Auditions for Title of Florida Man...

There was nothing better on the internet yesterday than the videos coming from the Tampa Bay Bucs victory boat parade. Brady was caught tossing the Lombardi trophy from one boat to another, in what could only be deemed as his "Florida Man" audition. We can read the headlines, Florida Man drops NFL Championship trophy into the Gulf of Mexico. But even better than that, was the videos and images of drunk Tom Brady that circulated the internet after the parade was over.

One Facebook poster remarked,

"The entire United States: I wonder why Tom Brady got so drunk!

Florida Folk: Yeah that sun tore his *** up! Day drinking ain’t for the weak out here."

And in case you missed what all the pizazz is about, check out these tweets!

We can only hope that this Tampa Tommy version of the 7x champ, is who we get to witness from now on!

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