You Need Elite WR's If You're Going to Win in Today's NFL - @BrandonKravitz

There are a lot of things to breakdown from this year in the NFL, but one I’m going to focus on is something that isn’t necessarily new, but it will be set in stone after this year - in my humble opinion:

You need elite pass catchers if you are going to win in today’s NFL.

It used to be you needed great linebackers, way back in the day you needed a great run game, then it became about the QB’s, pass rush, and the trenches have always been an important part of the game…I don’t think we’ve ever said “you need WR’s if you are going to win a title” – if we have, I’m joining the bandwagon, if not…then I’m starting it here.

Look @ the final 4 teams in this year’s playoffs…Packers, Bucs, Chiefs, and Bills. Davante Adams, Godwin/Evans, Hill/Kelce, and Stefon Diggs. All elite, in fact they're the elite of the elite.

Even last year, where we had more defensive centric teams, you had AJ Brown who was a beast, George Kittle, the Chiefs studs, and Davante Adams again. If you can't create a mismatch in the pass game, you have a very low ceiling in today's NFL.

Furthermore: It’s the biggest mismatch advantage in today’s game, and if you can’t take advantage of it, you’ll be lost. It’s why the Phins aren’t in the playoffs, it’s why the Ravens can’t advance, it’s why Deshaun Watson wants out of Houston. You need them, they used to be a luxury, but not anymore, you need elite pass catchers, or you can forget winning at the highest level.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Detroit Lions

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