Danny White's Last Gift: UCF's Brand Saved their Recruiting Class

Danny White did so much for UCF and his biggest accomplishment is now saving the football program even after he left for Tennessee. The brand. The UCF brand.

What do I mean by this? I mean that today is National Signing Day and UCF does not have an athletic director, hell, they don't even have a COACH! But UCF was still able to stay close to the top in recruiting rankings for the American and even brought in 4-star athlete Titus Mokia-Atimalala. Something like that doesn't happen at non-Power 5 schools. That kind of thing only happens at schools with a brand, and even then it is rare to see somebody commit to a school that, effectively, has no set in stone plan for the future.

So UCF still isn't the recruiting juggernaut of an Alabama or even a Florida, but it is consistent for at least one year beyond the loss of the people behind the master plan. That means UCF has more time to figure out what it wants to do without dropping the quality of play.

So Danny White's last gift to UCF is two-fold: a brand that can withstand some shake up, and time to figure out where to go next.

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