NO JOKE! Tom Brady Could Reasonably Play Until he is 50

Tom Brady. Age 43.


And he is in the Super Bowl. This is unprecedented, much like most of Brady's career, but after multiple seasons saying "Brady is going to be diminishing soon," or "He can't do this forever," I'm done. I'm done doubting Tom Brady. You will never hear me say that Tom Brady is getting too old because I now think that he could reasonably play into his 50's.

Professional athletes, in any sport, don't play into their 50's. In baseball, there's been six players to play into their 50's, only one hockey player, ZERO NBA players, and ZERO in the NFL. Adam Vinatieri and George Blanda are the two closest in the NFL at 47 and 48 respectively. Why does Tom Brady get a pass into old age?

Because he is strict about his regiment. Diet, exercise, recovery, Brady has it down to a science and he is willing and able to pay for the best of the best on all fronts. Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights said, "No one lives forever, no one. But with advances in modern science and my high level income, it's not crazy to think I can live to be 245, maybe 300."

Is that a stretch? Obviously yes, but he has opened up about what his diet and exercise plan is.

He is dialed in and will pay for excellence. I really don't know how to bet against him at this point.

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