Deshaun Removes Reference to the Texans from Social Media

If it looked like Deshaun Watson was done in Houston, then now it's apparent that he's DONE DONE! Watson has removed all references to the Houston Texans from his twitter and instagram. It's all gone. Yes there are still old tweets and pics where he was in his Texans jersey, but in reference to him being a player for the Texans, he's removed it.

Visiting Watson's twitter or IG now instructs you that "For Football Inquiries Contact: @DavidMulugheta" and " For Marketing Inquiries Contact: @AnswerNyc". No reference to being the QB for the Texans, nothing about him playing for any team at all. It's not rare for players to direct people to contact their agents. But usually top tier QBs leave some reference to the team they play for in their bios.

Watson did not.

On top of all of this Sports Illustrated picked up no a story over the past few days that J.J. Watt is on his way out of the Texans locker room as well. It's important to remember however, that in Watson's case, the Texans do not have to trade him at all. Watson may have to go on record to say he will never take a snap in Houston again. We shall see.

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