AUSTIN PISTULKA: Major League Baseball Should (Quietly) Embrace PED's

There is no MLB Hall of Fame class of 2021 because the candidates were filled with controversy. From Curt Schillings' political leanings to steroid use, this ballot was a black eye in baseball history. While I don't disagree with leaving out the likes of Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds because of their steroid use, I mean they did cheat, but I think baseball needs to make a change for the good of their sport.

Stop testing for performance enhancing drugs.

I know that it sounds extreme. I can hear the comments about how the game will run rampant with druggies and no record is sacred and blah blah blah. All of that is already true. Every season we hear of at least one player getting dinged for steroid use or breaking a drug policy. No record is "as important as it once was" according to old timers. I've figured out why.

There is a heavy stain across Major League Baseball. It's a game of cheaters. Anyone who has a big home run season is no longer impressive because one person can go "he's probably juicing" and wreck his credibility. That stain stays for the clean players. How do we start moving on from the stain? Stop bringing it up.

Science has come a long way from the mid-90's. While steroid use may have it's downsides, many bodybuilders and other strength athletes have healthy lives while on steroids. Some have kids, some are introverts, some of them are entirely normal people that you would never know were on something. Baseball players have the money to surround themselves with doctors and experts so they could safely be on performance enhancing drugs. But there's a bigger point here.

If MLB stopped testing, we couldn't prove or disprove anything. Of course, there will be the detractors, but most people will forget about the steroid use when it isn't constantly thrown in their face. Fun fact, people have short memories. If you stop talking about something, people will forget.

Here are some things that you don't remember about people you probably love. Stone Cold Steve Austin was charged with domestic abuse. Brett Favre sent unsolicited explicit photos of himself. Ray Lewis was charged with MURDER!

People will stop caring about steroids when they stop hearing about them. So to save the game we love, let's turn the couch cushion over instead of highlighting the giant stain on it.

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