Get Ready Because UCF Sports are Heading Downhill

It was a wild and crazy ride but now it is all coming to a halt. UCF became the national darling from the Group of Five. They were the spunky upstarts who were taking it to the big guys in football and even were making strides in basketball. Then they lost a couple of games. Their basketball team didn't keep the momentum going.

Now the biggest driving force for the athletic department is in the SEC.

For most universities, you only know the athletic director's name when they are terrible. Danny White was different. He was on the front lines fighting for little UCF, getting coaches that made UCF the place to be, but now he is gone.

In all of sports, athletes talk about peaking at the right time. You want to be at top performance when it counts, but on the other side of a peak, is a fall. That's where UCF is right now. The tumbling downward to forgetfulness. The stumble to Boise State oblivion. We all remember the statue of liberty play to beat Oklahoma just like we will all remember UCF's claimed National Championship and their NCAA Basketball Tournament run, but with the cornerstone of those pieces gone, we know what's coming.

The fall.

What do you think?

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