National Championship Ratings were TRASH!!! Why is that?

You know the story. Major sporting event that is not the NFL happens, the ratings suck. We've seen this time and time again. The NBA Championship, NHL Stanley Cup, and the World Series were all drastically down from years previous and now we can add the National Championship game to that list. 18.7 million people watched making it the least watch championship game since 2004. Down from 25.5 million from last year's game.

What caused this drop?

First off. No. It wasn't politics.

It could be that it was not a tight contest, giving people more than enough reason to flip to something more entertaining. Maybe it was that this was Alabama's 6th natty in 12 years. Some people are just over it. Maybe it was because we are so focused on the NFL Playoffs that this game just faded away in our minds.

Or maybe it was another victim of the pandemic. Another viewing experience slashed down by the weird world we live in. What do you think?

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