Best Sports Options to Replace Alex Trebek

Rodgers, who appeared on a 2015 episode of "Celebrity Jeopardy," revealed Tuesday that he will be one of the special guests filling in as a host this season as the show searches for a permanent replacement for Trebek.

Quick appearance, big star, I’m cool with it. But let’s go down this rabbit hole. If we were to replace Trebek with a figure from the sports world, who would be the best option?

Think of what the characteristics of someone taking over this role has to have…smart, welcoming, cross-demo appeal, old people know who they are. These are my top options that come to mind.

-Steve Kerr

-Jon Gruden

-Tony Romo

-Al Michaels

-Mike Tomlin

-Doc Rivers

-Tim Tebow

-Dan Patrick

Thoughts? Tweet @ me: @BrandonKravitz

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photo: getty images

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