Alabama Can't Be This Good

Nick Saban and Alabama have not allowed more than two years to pass by without winning the National Championship, they can't be this good. Seriously, since 2009, not more than two years have gone by without Alabama claiming the College Football National Championship. And I know, we aren't supposed to do this now that we have a playoff. But when we got the playoff, we said we would do this. So I'm doing it.

Alabama can't be this good. I just can't believe it. The Patriots didn't even win like this. Just yesterday we were considering the possibility that the CFP Committee is right, has always been right, and we need to get off their backs. After what Ohio State did to Clemson, we started to think, this must be the way to go. But then 52-24 made me completely reverse course. And now I'm laying the entire structure of college football at the feet of the Alabama Crimson Tide.

It's not all their fault. Actually, none of it is their fault. But in my mind their national championships are suspect to me, because I can't believe they are this freaking good. The NFL has 32 teams you have to be better than. College football has over a hundred, and I just can't believe Alabama is this much better than the 100+ other teams.

The issue I think is preseason rankings. A reliance of past performance to judge future greatness. THIS I think is the downfall of college football and I don't think it get fixed any times soon. Why? Cuz I really don't know what other measuring stick you use. Unless start everyone at zero and go with the BCS computers for the first 5 weeks of each season and allow those numbers to be our starting points when it's time to rank teams.

Either way, I just don't believe it. KUDOS to Bama for taking FULL advantage of the system in front of them. And Nick Saban is ABSOLUTELY the best coach in the history of college football, maybe even sports as a whole. But there is something in me (maybe it's the hater in me) just won't let me believe Bama is this damn good.

Welp. Lemme go look at the 2021 "way too early" pre-season rankings!!

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