Is Juju Jinxing the Steelers Again??

First it was dancing on the mid field logos of their opponents. It was all fine and dandy until they started losing games because of it. And like any REAL athlete, Juju took the superstitious route and decided to stop the pregame dance. Now, he's making statements about the Browns that would be okay, if ANYONE other than him said it. On top of that, it's REAL bulletin board material for the Browns. Even though I'm not sure if that matters.

During regular pre weekend press conferences, Juju was asked if they are worried about the game against the Browns since they haven't really "seen" the team being put on the field. Juju said the following:

If there is any reason the Browns would win this game... it's this! The Juju curse. I don't think the Browns are talented enough, athletic enough, or anything enough to beat the Steelers this weekend. BUT, if they do, it's going to totally be because he made this statement before the game. If anyone else said it, no problem. But with Juju's jinx history this season, he is the last person who should be making statements like this.

The Steelers better put rabbit's feet and four leaf clovers in every locker on Sunday morning.

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