Ranking the Super-Wild Card Playoff Games

Ranking the Super Wild-Card:

6. Bears @ Saints- feels like the most meh game, but, if history proves to rear its head, this game has massive upset potential. Bears a good defense going up against an offense that can sputter and we’ve seen the Saints fail in this spot before as heavy favorites. Watch how David Montgomery runs early in this game.

5. Rams @ Seahawks- The potential of Goff not playing scares me, this game won’t be as much fun if both teams aren’t at full strength. This is the rubber match, Rams won the first one 23-16, lost the 2nd one 20-9.

4. Browns @ Steelers- This game has lost a little bit for me. No Stefanski, Browns stumbled in their last game against a weaker Pittsburgh team. The Steelers have kind of bored me down the stretch. I think they win, and I’m interested, but I just don’t know if this game will live up to how good it looks on paper.

3. Bucs @ Washington- The Bucs got the easiest draw of the weekend, but the problem is, what Washington does well, the Bucs do not…protect the QB against an elite rush. Brady has always struggled with that. Only reason why I can’t pick Washington as an outright winner is that I don’t know where their points come from. Bucs D is really good. Wash, not a lot of fire power. Last 5 games, they’ve averaged 18 ppg.

2. Ravens @ Titans- Revenge city. Baltimore needed this to be their first game in the postseason. Both teams rely heavy on the run but I think this is going to turn into a shootout. First to 35 wins, it’ll be fun.

1- Colts @ Bills- This is going to be so much fun to watch, and it’s the first game of the weekend. You talk about high upside and volatile QB’s…Rivers is that…Allen is basically 2021 Rivers. Jonathan Taylor is running like a man possessed. Last 4 games, 560 yards, 6.3 ypc, 7 TD’s. YOU DON’T WANT TO PLAY THE WINNER OF THIS GAME.

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots

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