Top 5 "Other" Picks to Win the Superbowl

Everyone likes to go with the favorites. Chiefs and Packers have the bye week walking into the NFL playoffs, and there is no real argument on why those two teams shouldn't end up in Tampa on Super Sunday.

EXCEPT THAT ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!! Time to break out the cliche's...

Any Given Sunday!

Not so fast my friend!

That's why we play the game!

Now that I sounds like every other sports commentator in America, here are my picks for the best OTHER teams who can make a REAL run towards the superbowl.

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#5 - Baltimore Ravens

You're gonna call me crazy. But the Ravens are primed to make a run and their history tells us the wild-card position might be the best place for them to start in. Since the NFL's worst COVID epidemic, the Ravens have been HOT!! Like super hott!!

Lamar Jackson looks like he needed COVID to get out of his own head, and the Ravens just rushed for 404 yards against the Bengals in Week 17. And hear me out here... the Ravens last 5 games were against TERRIBLE teams (including the Browns) but where better to get momentum and confidence running into the post season than beating up on some bad teams. If they can keep this chemistry going, the Ravens might find themselves deep in the playoffs.

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#4 - New Orleans Saints

This isn't a pick based on Alvin Kamara or Drew Brees. This is a Sean Peyton pick. The Saints have been blessed with MAGNIFICENT coaching. And while I don't have a lot of confidence in Drew Brees going deep in the playoffs. I do believe that the great coaching of Sean Peyton can overcome any mistakes that players may make on the field. Now... add into that the experience of Drew Brees, the recent dominance of Alvin Kamara, and route running of Emanuel Sanders, and the return of Michael Thomas. You're looking at the possibility of a Bayou Bowl.

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#3 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Let's face it. This is still Tom Brady. And Tom Brady has this switch that he hits in the post-season that few other players have been able to replicate. Not only that, I think he has something to prove. I'm not sitting here picking the Bucs to go to the Bowl, (how cool would that be in Tampa though?) BUT with the weapons he has, if they can find ANY synergy at all, the Bucs will be a REAL problem for whoever they are playing. The only question is, can they really find some post-season synergy and finally and CONSISTENTLY look like the team we've all been expecting this season?

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#2 - The Tennessee Henrys (I Mean Titans)

NOBODY has been able to stop the bulldozer that is Derrick Henry. (except the Baltimore Ravens, but for 3 quarters only) As long as the Derrick Henry train keeps running, I don't see who beats the Titans. While they are vulnerable in their defense, their offense can put up BIG numbers FAST. Or they can slowly pound you into submission, and that kind of wear down it nearly impossible for any team to survive. On top of all this you've got this rejuvenated Ryan Tannehill, who only gets better because he knows he can rely on Henry to pick up any slack. This give him the freedom and relieves all pressure from his shoulders. Things looking tight? Give the ball to Henry... 3rd and 12? You really don't have to throw, let's give the ball to Henry. If the Titans can keep this balance of Derrick Henry and Ryan Tannehill without their defense falling completely flat in the process, they will be in Tampa in February. Period!

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#1 - The Buffalo Bills

This team is scary! Like REALLY scary!! Nobody is feeling better than Bills fans going into the playoffs right now. They've got an MVP candidate QB who is lighting the field on fire. They've got a solid defense. They've got an offensive line that keeps doing it's damn job. And more than anything the are the HOTT team right now. You NEVER want to play the hott team going into the playoffs. If the Ravens are hott, then the Bills are a fully engulfed inferno! The Bills look like the Titans of last season, but with more talent and a better quarterback. If anyone is going to upend the Chiefs or Packers to hoist the Lombardi trophy it's Buffalo. Set the Ralph on FIRE!!!

These are my picks. Who you YOU think is best "other" teams to make a run in the playoffs?

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