Kravitz's Updated NFL MVP Rankings: Week 12 Edition!

Every Monday, I give you my MySpace top 8 MVP’s on the season, let’s keep the list current/up-to-date…here we go!

Recap Week 11: 8- Aaron Rodgers- 7- Ben Roethlisberger- 6- Dalvin Cook- 5- Alvin Kamara- 4- Josh Allen- 3- Kyler Murray- 2- Russell Wilson- Number 1! Patrick Mahomes-

Off the list: Dalvin Cook, Alvin Kamara

Week 12:

8- Tyreek Hill- I have to do this. The man caught 13 passes for 269 yards and 3 TD’s against one of the NFL’s better secondaries. He’s UNCOVERABLE. Mahomes is great and Hill allows him to reach him peak on a semi-regular basis. This game also put him over the 1k receiving yard mark, the 1st receiver to do so.

7- Ben Roethlisberger- Still unbeaten, had him 7 last week, he plays on Tuesday, and my guess is…he remains unbeaten. Ben has been hyper-efficient, and even if this isn’t his best statistical year, he’s showing how valuable he truly is to the Steelers success.

6- Kyler Murray- Slipping 3 spots in the ranks, Murray is freefalling after back to back losses. To his credit, both games were against tough opponents (Seattle, NE) and his Cards lost by 1-score. Belichick owned him yesterday. He’s got one more week to stay on the list.

5- Aaron Rodgers- Another dominant performance by Rodgers. 211 yards, 4 scores. What’s most impressive is Rodgers ability to deliver the ball before pressure gets to him. In 10 of 11 games this year, Rodgers has been sacked 0 or 1 time.(Only 1 win against a team above .500 this year)

4- Derrick Henry- Let’s start with this obvious fact…Henry gets tackled when Henry wants to be tackled. I’m convinced the Colts are a better team than the Titans, but Henry imposed his will as a runner, and they had no answer for it. Henry is #1 in rush yards, #1 in rush ypg, #2 in rushing TD’s, and has the 2nd longest TD run of the season.

3- Josh Allen- I’ve been very conservative with my Allen ranking all year long. In fact, the highest I’ve had him to this point was 4. He wasn’t overly impressive vs LAC, in a game that turned into a defensive battle. But, he did what he had to do late to get the job done, and I needed to see more of that from Allen.

2- Russell Wilson- Chef Wilson hasn’t yet played, he’ll go tonight. But his season is undeniable. I think in some ways, we’re getting bored with his greatness. With that said, he’s got to kick things back into that high gear he was on in the 1st quarter of the season if he wants to guarantee himself an MVP award.

Number 1!- Pat Mahomes- For the 2nd week in a row, Mahomes holds the top spot. This time, he was dominant, on the road, against a good Bucs defense. 462 yards on 37 completions, and 3 TD’s. Mahomes had 359 in the first half! The most yards by a QB in a first half in 40 years. Dude is on another level right now.

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts

photo: getty images

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