Do We Really Need Thanksgiving Night Football??

The Ravens v Steelers has been moved to Sunday and Kravitz is not too upset about it. I'm DEVASTATED!!! But only because it's a Ravens game. So it got me thinking.... Do we really NEED Thanksgiving night football?

I realize it's a pretty new tradition and something the NFL is trying to be sure to establish as part of the sports holiday. But on a day where people are gathering, families are spending time together, and there is PLENTY of interaction happening, how beneficial is it really TO US! (not to the NFL, we know it's a cash register for them)

IF the NFL got rid of Thanksgiving night football, would you be upset? Would you even notice?

I think I would notice the first couple years, but after a while, it would be no big deal. Now if the Cowboys or the Tigers weren't playing that's a WHOLE different conversation. But I'm not so sure, Thanksgiving night football is something we really need in American culture. In fact, I'm not so sure we'd even miss it that much if it disappeared.

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