Kravitz's Updated NFL MVP Rankings: Week 11 Edition!

Every Monday, I give you my MySpace top 8 MVP’s on the season, let’s keep the list current/up-to-date…here we go!

Recap Week 10: 8- Xavien Howard- 7- Josh Allen- 6- Aaron Rodgers-5- Dalvin Cook- 4- Pat Mahomes- 3- Alvin Kamara- 2- Russell Wilson- 1!- Kyler Murray-

Off the list: Xavien Howard

Week 11:

8- Aaron Rodgers- I almost took him off the list, but I had to remind myself that it was MVS, not Aaron Rodgers who fumbled the ball away in OT. Rodgers tossed 3 TD’s but was awful for most of the 2nd half. He still deserves to be on the list.

7- Ben Roethlisberger- I can only leave an undefeated QB off the list for so long, he’s been super efficient, gets all of his WR’s involved, and he hasn’t lost a game. Maybe this isn’t his best season as a pro, maybe his defense is carrying the team a bit, but 24 TD’s and 5 INT’s, plus a 10-0 record is still damn impressive.

6- Dalvin Cook- Sliding back one spot on the list, his 115 rushing yards weren’t enough to get the Vikings to victory against the hapless Cowboys. Not on Dalvin, but it’s hard to win the MVP unless your breaking records if your team is this bad.

5- Alvin Kamara- First game in his career without a catch, his team didn’t really need him this week, as Taysom Hill did a lot of the running. Kamara still remains on the list for now.

4- Josh Allen- Benefits of a bye-week. No one else took the bull by the horns this week.

3- Kyler Murray- Number 1 on the list last week, but a loss to former #1 Russell Wilson places him a spot behind our favorite chef. Murray was still outstanding on Thursday, but the Seahawks were able to bottle him up with just 15 rush yards.

2- Russell Wilson- He threw for less than 200 yards for the 1st time all year, but 2 TD’s and no turnovers was enough to get the job done, Wilson still reigns supreme in the NFC West.

Number 1! Patrick Mahomes- Taking the top spot for the 1st time this year. Mr. Cruise Control himself seems to be hitting high gear. Late game heroics show just how special Mahomes really is. And quietly, he leads the league in pass yards and has the best TD-INT ratio in the NFL (27-2).

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roet

photo: getty images

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