It's Time for the Magic to Tell Us Something (or Show Us Something)

I'm not saying they don't have any. In fact I'm POSITIVE they do. I've had conversations with "people close to the situation". BUT, with the draft now over and free agency well under way there is ONE thing the magic need... DIRECTION!

More importantly, speaking as a fan, the Magic need to communicate some of that direction to us... to ME, the fan!

I understand they are probably not worried too much about fan attendance this upcoming season. But lately the magic feel like one of those relationships where somebody says, "Why can't we just see where this goes?"

They haven't done a very good job of conveying what the future looks like to us the public... Us the fans! The ones who have stood beside the team while the losing records piled up (one winning season over the past 9 years to be exact).

I'm not saying we don't believe in the team and the management. We are ALL committed to the future of the franchise. But it feels like it's time to have the dreaded... "So where are we going with this?" conversation!

Hey Orlando Magic. Just tell us the truth... What are we?

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