Marc Daniels: Kyle Trask Becomes The Heisman Favorite

Vanderbilt v Florida

Go ahead and try and make a case for anyone else to win the Heisman. Tell me that Trevor Lawrence is the best player in the country. Sell me on Mac Jones leading that great Alabama offense. Promote BYU's Zach Wilson as a worthy candidate.Show me the video game numbers of Ohio State's Justin Fields. When you are done, I will calmly explain that Kyle Trask is more worthy than that list and anyone else you want to add.

Full disclosure: I am a Heisman voter and because of my pledge to the Heisman Trust, I am not allowed to tell you who I vote for until after the winner is announced. 

But I can tell you who I think is the favorite and it's Florida's Kyle Trask.

After six games, Trask numbers are off the chart and Joe Burrow-like and he's doing it with an offense that has talent, but not as deep as Burrow's 2019 LSU Tigers. Yet Trask is completing 70% of his passes. He's thrown for 2,171 yards and 28 touchdown passes and just three interceptions. He's played a schedule that featured two games against teams ranked in the top-10 when the game was played and he's punishing teams the Gators are supposed to punish.

The Heisman has, for years, has been about offensive stats and it favors quarterbacks now more than ever. And Trask is building the perfect campaign. Dan Mullen's offense gives him the chance to showcase his skills and the results speak for themselves.

An advantage Trask may end up with is games played. The Gators(5-1) have four more regular season games and the SEC title game. The 11-games will be greater than anything Justin Fields will play. Trevor Lawrence missed the Notre Dame game because of Covid-19 and certainly will play in a rematch in the ACC title game, but Trask has sprinted to a statistical lead that is almost impossible to make up. Mac Jones has a chance with a showdown against Trask down the road, but Jones still needs big numbers in the coming weeks. Zach Wilson is a great player to watch and the Cougars are likely to be undefeated but the quality of opponent will come into play and Trask will have the advantage. 

Trask can stumble in the coming weeks and Heisman voters live week-to-week in who they like but Trask's story is easy to love. We all know his situation before getting a chance to start and now into 2020 he has become the face of the Gators on a team with a chance to win the national championship.

Steve Spurrier, Danny Wuerffel and Tim Tebow- all had unique roads to win the elite award. 2020 will be a virtual ceremony for the Heisman. It will stink for whoever wins the award to be congratulated via Zoom. But Kyle Trask has gone from backup few thought about to Heisman favorite with a wild month ahead to become the fourth Gator to win the Heisman Trophy...

Notes: Great job by the coaches voting the USA Today Coaches Poll. Tennessee got 6 points in the latest rankings. That would be a Tennessee team that sits 2-4 and has lost four straight games. And in order to get the six points, one coach needs to vote the Vols 20th in their poll or even worse, multiple coaches have Tennessee ranked...Despite a night where the UCF offense seemed out of sync, the Knights defense continues to improve-even with the four starters tossed two weeks ago. UCF allowed 21 points to Houston two weeks ago and 13 to Temple Saturday night. Houston scored one offensive touchdown with starters in the game and Temple's lone TD came after a UCF fumble gave the Owls the ball at the Knights 12-yard line. Next up? UCF gets unbeaten Cincinnati at home...Mike Norvell rightfully tried to spin the Seminoles second half performance against NC State has something to build on. On a day FSU was without numerous starters and reserves for a variety of reasons, Norvell basically kicked his rebuild into high gear. Chubby Purdy got his first start. FSU played a number of first and second year players and while the result secured a third straight losing season, it allows the first year coach a chance to move on of sorts from players he doesn't want and jump start his 2021 season. FSU may take 2-3 years of recruiting and building to get back to relevance but it's smart for Norvell to start now...Michigan has to wonder if Jim Harbaugh wants to go back to the NFL. The Wolverines' collapse is alarming at a place where the resources are in place so that what is happening at Michigan doesn't happen...Indiana at Ohio State is a big game. For years, you could say that in college basketball but not in college football...Penn State is 0-4. Voters had them in the top10 before the season...

Final thought: It is physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky

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