Kyle Trask Deserves All of the Heisman Hype

Kyle Trask put up monster numbers again this week against Arkansas and where there was once a question mark, there should be an emphatic exclamation point. Kyle Trask for Heisman!

Six touchdowns on the day against their last meaningful opponent means that Trask showed up for almost every game this season and if he can pile it on, he should be in the running for Heisman. On top of having great numbers, Trask's story is one that would benefit the NCAA and teams within it. He was a perennial back up, even in high school! Then when he got his chance, boom, game on. He showed why he was recruited by the likes of Florida.

Fans hate that people can transfer anywhere at any time and so if they had a Heisman winner who stuck it out, it could give those guys some good pub and make some rethink the transfer portal.

What do you think?

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