I'm Not Going to Panic and Neither Should You... Yet!

I want to panic. I want to hit the panic button HARD and I want to walk into the practice facility, throw some clipboards around and yell, "WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON HERE??" But I'm not going to.

And if you're a fan of the Ravens, Titans, Bills, or Seahawks you shouldn't panic either. None of us have more than 3 losses so far this season. Over half way through the season with only 3 losses. If someone asked you at the start of the season if you would take that record half way through, EVERY ONE OF YOU WOULD SAY YES!!

Yes this is a Monday self sermon! I am preaching to me! - LOL

Truth is the Ravens have the toughest schedule of all these teams for the remainder of the year. Everyone else has a very very manageable schedule. And if you're a Seahawks fan, you're almost cruising.

The thing everyone of these teams needs to do is tap into their identity. They need to find a way to impose their team personality onto their competition. Each of the Titans, Ravens, Seahawks, and Bills have allowed other teams to let them get away from who they are as a team. They are separating themselves from what brought them to the dance.

If these teams can find themselves, it's going to be a very interesting race for the playoffs to finish off the year.

Don't forget 14 teams in the playoffs this season. So chances are you'll get your foot in the door, you just gotta beat up everyone in the room once you get there!!

Good luck friends!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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