I Still Miss Sports... Yes Even Now!

I miss sports! I know it's sounds weird, but it's true. I miss sports.

But how? Sports are back Stefan! And they're better than ever!

You're right they are. But as much of a sports nut as I am... As much as I've enjoyed all that sports has given us this year... As awesome as this strange year of sports has been. I still miss sports.

But it's not the action of sports that I miss. It's the ME in the sports I miss. I miss being as mentally and emotionally involved in sports as I have been in the past. If you're like me, and I'm betting none of you are - LOL - You have found a little it difficult to get yourself wrapped back in the blanket of sports like you used to be.

Now, I'm not talking about us and our favorite teams. Of course, I'm not missing a Ravens game! But I have been more willing to step away from the game, even when it's not a commercial break or halftime. Or I even caught myself, getting into conversations I KNEW were going interrupt my watching the game, something I would've never entertained before.

And then away from my favorite teams, I'm just not all the way back yet. Now of course I could just "watch more sports" which I will. And I'll love it. But it was just a weird recognition for me to realize that I wasn't all the way back yet. Now the people around me may be enjoying it. but it's almost like there is still a little piece of me missing.

Maybe I'm crazy... Or maybe you still miss sports a little bit too.

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