The End of Minshew-Mania Forever?

Gardner Minshew has been a treat for football fans, giving levity to an awful situation in Jacksonville. The sixth rounder with the cool mustache charmed fans with his charisma and swagger after coming in for an injured Nick Foles, but now after an injury of his own, it might be all over.

Minshew wasn't the greatest quarterback to ever throw a ball. In his starts, he's gone 7-12 with a bad team and averaged 244 yards per game. Not the best, but he's been fun! He plays the game we want to watch someone play it.

Who can forget his time spent with Uncle Rico?

Or even further back, how about the Gardner Minshew song?

But maybe we will remember this like we fondly remember that summer from high school. No worries, just fun times. That's how I will remember Minshew Mania.

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