3 Waivers Adds for Week 10 That Can Help You Win A Fantasy Championship

Drafting is nice, but if you really want to dominate your fantasy league. You have to OWN the waiver wire! And if you want to know who to pick up, well, you’ve come to the right place…because I am the Waiver Wire Wizard, the Pick-Up Prince, the Infallible Fabulous FAAB.

Now, I’ll be transparent with you, I’m not really feeling the wire today, this is very much a buffet line at 10pm right before the doors close…you’ve got some mac and cheese dried on the side of the pan…the meat special is gone…and pudding is the only dessert left. But…you need wins, let’s give you at least 3 names to think about.

1.Duke Johnson- He should be at the top of everyone’s waiver list. We all need RB’s and he could be an instant plug and play if David Johnson misses this Sunday’s game. It looks like he will. When David Johnson got hurt, Duke Johnson had 16 carries for 41 yards and a touchdown, along with four catches for 32 yards on four targets. Duke has always been someone who can put up points when he doesn’t have to share the work, great spot for him this week.

2.David Moore- More of a longshot pick up here, this isn’t someone you can start right away, but again…dried Mac-N-Cheese. You can go find another segment or blog where they’ll tell you to pick up Jakobi Myers…yawn. Give me upside. David Moore is the best WR handcuff in the NFL. Russell Wilson loves this guy, he pops up with a TD every once and a while, but if Metcalf or Lockett ever went down, this dude would sky rocket to the top 12.

3.Tua- I told you to pick him up 2 weeks ago, but noooo, you wouldn’t listen. Well, how about now? The offense has opened up, he tossed 2 touchdowns, went toe-to-toe with Kyler Murray, showed his rushing prowess…what more do you need? Also, look @ this schedule…Chargers (who are in a shootout every week), Broncos, Jets, Bengals, Chiefs, Patriots, Raiders, Bills. 20ppg lock it up…I won’t tell you again.

Houston Texans v Jacksonville Jaguars

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