Should Notre Dame Fans Celebrate At All?

First off. this is NOT a COVID post!!! Okay, let's continue....

Listen, I NEEDED to address this issue, and I didn't get the chance yesterday, so we've got to talk about it now fam!!

The storyline was intriguing. Could the Fighting Irish beat the nation's #1 team, the team we all know would be in the National Championship? Clemson, college football's convincing #1 was without their start QB Trevor Lawrence, and backup D.J. Uiagalelei got the nod for this game.

We all know what happened by now, Clemson lost. And although we talked about what the CFP committee would do all week, when I saw the students and fans rushing the field at the end of the game I wondered what world they lived in.

In what universe were they THIS excited about beating a Clemson team without their starting QB?

I'm not claiming that this was an illegitimate win for the Fighting Irish, but it kinda didn't count. Clemson hasn't been penalized too much for their loss. Notre Dame will probably get another loss before the season is over. And Uiagalelei was pretty darn good!

I know that when the clock went zero none of the student were thinking this. I know one kid rushed to the field and everyone just followed suit. But I have to admit, I would've been the kid in the stands recognizing this win does not legitimize our ranking or solidify our place with the CFP committee. I would be the kid in the stands asking, "What exactly are we celebrating?"

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