Kravitz's Updated NFL MVP Rankings: Week 9 Edition!

Every Monday, I give you my MySpace top 8 MVP’s on the season, let’s keep the list current/up-to-date…here we go!

Recap week 8: 8- Dalvin Cook- 7- Pat Mahomes- 6- Aaron Rodgers- 5- DK Metcalf- 4- Kyler Murray- 3- Tom Brady- 2- Alvin Kamara- Number 1! Russell Wilson

Off the list this week: Tom Brady

Week 9:

8- DK Metcalf/Davante Adams- A tie, I know. Lame, right? I can’t decide. These are the two most dominant WR’s in the NFL this year and they are helping their QB’s put together truly amazing seasons.

7- Josh Allen- I’m not the biggest believer in the Bills, but, a win is a win. Buffalo is getting it done, after losing 2 straight, they’ve rattled off 3 straight wins, they sit at 7-2, and Josh Allen is the biggest reason why.

6- Aaron Rodgers- Played on Thursday, which sometimes feels like a month ago, but he was once again great. This seems to be what we get from Rodgers and the Packers after an uneven performance. 305 4 scores. He’s back on track and playing great this year.

5- Alvin Kamara- To the Saints credit, Kamara really wasn’t needed in the game they had on Sunday night, but he’s still been ultra valuable…so he slides back 3 spots but only because other guys were so sensational, and frankly, he’s not the best RB in the league this year. But, he is leading the Saints in rushing and receiving, something no other RB can say.

4- Pat Mahomes- He keeps on sneaking up the list, incredible game between the Chiefs and Panthers, and it’s in games like this where Mahomes really shows what he can do. When his back is against the wall, he’s the best young QB in the NFL. 9 touchdown passes in 2 weeks. He’s on fire.

3- Dalvin Cook- Only one of 3 players to go over 225 total scrimmage yards 2 weeks in a row. Up from 8 to 3 in this ranking, the biggest jump of any on the list. He is the Vikings offense, and he’s only 142 yards away from 1,000 on the season…and it’s only week 9.

2- Kyler Murray- Don’t care that he lost. This dude is a one-man wolfpack. Kyler was a magician, again. 283 yards passing, 5 incompletions, and over 100 yards rushing, are you kidding? This guy is playing Madden on easy.

Number 1! Russell Wilson- Bad game for Russ, but, everybody is allowed to have 1. In his defense, he had no defense. Team couldn’t run, he was sacked 5 times, and he still threw for almost 400 yards. He’s still the MVP if the season ended today.

Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings

photo: getty images

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