Let's Add Sports Overtime Rules to the U.S. Election

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So how many of your watched the U.S. Constitutional Olympics last night?? That's what this is right? Every four years, we play these games where we crown a national winner. But for me, I'm sad. Well not sad, but... I'm sad. (i don't know what other word to use)

We didn't get to crown a new Champion of the United States of America last night. It was looking like it was going to be a really good matchup. It came down to the last couple plays (states). And for a while there it wasn't clear who was the favorite and who was the underdog. But we didn't get a clear winner. And it looks like we may not know who won for at least a day or three. (cue where Stefan was wrong when I predicted we would know last night)

But this got me thinking... (as many things do)

What if we instituted some type of playoff / overtime rules for these "U.S. Election Games" we have every four years. What would work best for our country? Like, what if we start with a coin flip, and then whoever wins the coin flip gets a chance to try to score.

But how do we keep score? I'm thinking we institute some version of The Amazing Race! Make the U.S. Election Overtime part footrace, part mental competition, part teamwork test.

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Wait I've got it!! We can get real spicy!

Round 1 - Escape Room

Let's start both candidates out in an Escape Room. The candidates and their running mates get put in an escape room and get 45 minutes to escape safely. Whoever makes it out first gets 7 points.

Round 2 - Cash Cab

Then we do a little Cash Cab competition. Put them in a NYC cab and they have to answer a series of questions before they make it to their destination. Just like the old TV show, the candidates and their running mates would sit together in the back of the cab and get a combination of questions some general knowledge, some pop culture, some historical... AND they would get the chance to get help on questions they don't know. They can do the "street' shout out" if they get stumped on a question and ask a random person on the side of the road to help them answer. (Can you picture Trump or Biden leaning out of a NYC cab asking for help on a question about Miley Cyrus?) Or they could the phone a friend style, "mobile shout out".

Round 3 - Fear Factor

The final round allows us see just how bad the candidates want to lead or country. It's a test of their patriotism. The last round is fear factor style. Suspend Biden from a helicopter over the grand canyon and make him recite the Bill of Rights backwards. Have Trump stink his hand in a bucket full of tarantulas where he has to feel around for a rolled up American flag, and retrieve it to win!

THIS is how we should be deciding the election whenever we don't get the results on the first night. If we can't get to 270 votes by midnight, we shut it all down and it's a 3 round fight to the finish for these candidates!! It would be MUCH more entertaining and a GREAT overtime period for the U.S. Constitutional Olympics!!

Do I have your vote on this?

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