Gardner Minshew Injury Adds to the Minshew Mystique

Image via Getty Images

Gardner Minshew is Jacksonville personified. He's a charismatic enigma who wasn't a high draft pick but people love. From the stache to the Minshew Mania, when the news came out that he was injured, people were upset.

Here's the thing. Like that tweet says, Minshew has been hurt for a couple of weeks now and just played through the pain. OF COURSE HE WOULD. Minshew knows that he is one injury away from losing his spot forever because that's how he got his job. Who knows what would happen if he went down? Would it be all over for Minshew?

But this also goes to the type of player that he is. He loves football and a little torn ligament in his hand wasn't going to stop him from playing. This is the man that lived in a van all summer. He goes to the beat of his own drum and not telling the medical staff about his injury is the most rockstar thing a quarterback could do, and it was Gardner Minshew who did it.

Now that he's out for a minute, what will the Jags do?

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