Ryan Fitzpatrick "Heartbroken" After Tua News...Give Me a BREAK!

You're kidding me right?

We went this whole season talking about the father-son relationship that Ryan Fitzpatrick and Tua Tagovialoa had and now all that good will and good feelings are down the drain. During press conferences yesterday, Fitzpatrick said he his "heart hurt all day."

Is this real? I get it. The man wants to play quarterback, especially because his team is in playoff contention, HOW-MOTHER TRUCKING-EVER for weeks you've talked about how you know what your role on this team is, get Tua ready. For weeks, you said that Tua could make throws you couldn't. Was that all just for the press? Was that just playing nice?

Now he has the chance to walk the walk after talking all the talk. I get it, man. You want to be the man, but for this entire season, you knew it was coming to an end eventually. Now Fitzpatrick is once again in the best situation, he makes a ton of money as a backup that fans love. Hard to beat that spot.

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