Does It Matter What Anyone Else Does in the NBA till Lebron Retires?

2020 NBA Finals - Game Six

Y'all know I'm not a BronSexual... I'm a super hater!

I appreciate everything Lebron is and has done for the game. I respect his play and believe he is truly legendary. But it's more fun to hate on him than like him, and I'm sold out to Jordan for no other reason than it's who I grew up watching. So now that we've gotten that out of the way, I've got to ask this question.

Does anything in the NBA matter anymore? Listen, Lebron is DOMINANT!! Unbelievably dominant. Nobody is touching him. No player in SPORTS has dominated their sport over the past 20 years like Lebron has (save Tom Brady). I'm watching sports tv and I see the Clippers introduce Tyronn Lue as their new head coach. And while, I'm excited for Coach Lue, and I think he'll do a great job with the Clippers, let's face it..


Not in The Finals.

Not in 7 games!

Not a CHANCE!!

And it made me wonder, is there any reason to get excited about this coaching hire? Or any other coaching hire? Or any trades? Or any team moves? Or popsicles? Hamburgers? LOLOL

Like seriously. Until Lebron retires, it DOES NOT MATTER!!! Now when he's playing for the Lakers with AD who's still an amazing YOUNG talent in the NBA. Not when he can sneeze and get nearly any necessary player in the association to join his team in an instant.

Like I said, I'm a proud Lebron hater. But the brother is a legend.

Like Zeus, Dionysus, Theophany, type legend!

And he WILL be as long as he continues to play. Plus, I don't anticipate Lebron being one of those guys who refuses to leave the game and keeps playing well past his prime. He will retire at the perfect time, in the perfect moment, with the perfect fanfare. And we will all be able to say we witnessed a superior level of greatness like nobody has ever seen before. And we can be old and argue about who the GOAT is at 7am on our front patios!!

I know we still have to play the games, and we still get to enjoy the drama of each NBA season. And the NBA is GREAT for giving us intriguing storylines to follow and fall in love with. Just yesterday I was excited about the New Orleans Pelicans! (GO SVG!) But after the 82 games... once we're into the conference finals, there is little question what's going to happen. Lebron will be legendary. Even when he's not.

And then somebody is going to knock them out of the 2nd round of the playoffs, and this post is going to be real dumb. LOL

But until then... All Hail the King (Booker T voice)

King James

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