What The Hell Did Tom Brady Say?? (and will he say it to me?)

Yell at me Brady!!!

So we made a big deal about it all week long. Well THEY made a big deal about it all week long. It was a question about Brady yelling at his teammates on the sidelines. Would they respond? Is it okay? People were saying Brady's not in New England anymore he can't be yelling at players. They said, these young kids won't respect him like that...

Well I guess it freakin worked! I always laughed at the people who were bothered by Brady yelling at his teammates. Like, this is football. This is sports. It's the one place it used to be safe to yell. And we're really questioning this? Maybe we should ask Aaron Rodgers is Brady should be yelling at his teammates... Cuz according to yesterday's game, we should all go into work and start yelling at people.

Check this out...

ZERO sacks!

ZERO turnovers!

ZERO penalties!

That's that what the Bucs did yesterday in what was supposed to be the "Game of the Week". Even i said in a previous blog post, that both QBs were going to play lights out yesterday. Well I was still right, only half right.

Whatever Brady yelled at his team on the sideline and in practice all last week, it worked. Think I can get him to yell at me so I can get my lief in order??

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