We Are A Little Too Excited About Brady vs. Rodgers!!

So let me start with this... HOW THE HELL IS AARON RODGERS ONLY 36 YEAR OLD?!?! I swear he's got to be at least 40!! It feels like he's been in the league way longer than that!

Ok, so now that I've gotten that part out of the way, I can talk about this not so epic but extremely interesting matchup we have upon us this weekend. Brady vs. Rodgers is the game we're all talking about and rightfully so. On one had, I totally get it. These two guys are football mobsters and have been responsible for lots and lots teams being fully embarrassed.

Brady has almost as many Super Bowl championships as the Octomom has kids. And while Aaron Rodgers hasn't matched Brady in the GOAT category, he is obviously first round Hall of Fame and still a pleasure to watch.

BUT.. and I mean big stinky donkey butt!! This is a battle of the old dudes and we're treating it like it's Mahomes vs. Jackson (which was admittedly super disappointing). Are we truly expecting a game of epic proportions on Sunday?


Brady and Rodgers are going to deliver. Bank on it! Expect a great game, with plenty of drama, and two guys vying to show the world that they're not washed up and over the hill, but are real contenders for this year's title. Plus, Brady is going to whine and complain all night about people trying to touch him in the pocket (which is always fun to watch) Add to the drama that we're talking about the Bucs, which nobody has done since Dungy and you've got what's going to be a great game.

Or we'll watch two old guy over throw and under throw receivers all night long.

Brady vs. Rodgers

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