Just When Braves Fans Thought It Was 1995 Again


While winning Game 3 by a score of 15-3 doesn't mean the Dodgers have what it takes to reclaim this series, we know it was a significant game with their backs against the wall. But more important to me than the "can the Dodgers make it to the World Series" conversation, is that the Dodgers spoiled the Braves chance to make their best "THE U IS BACK" imitation.

All Braves fans across the country were expecting this win to solidify them partying like it's 1995!! But alas, not tonight. The Dodgers killed that next step celebration with a 15-3 pummelling!! THE DODGERS DRAGGED the Braves last night.

We will get another chance tonight to see if the Braves can make the team from L.A. a one hit wonder. But for now, Braves fans gotta wait just a little longer before they can claim they have returned to domination!!

Game 4 is tonight at 8PM - Stay Tuned!

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