Coach Dan Mullen is facing a forfeit

Dan Mullen could barely get past the 72hr news cycle before his words came to bite him in the backside. Just days after he stood before the press and suggested the University of Florida "Pack the Swamp" in order to get home field advantage for the Gator football team, his team is shut down and this week's game has been postponed!!

Mullen has since offered a half apology for his remarks, saying he's sorry "if I offended people or anybody out there." Well I'm not sure if offense is the issue. But we can say one thing. If his remarks and these COVID results show us anything, it shows us that he may have handled the internal team COVID precautions just as recklessly as he did the statement to pack the swamp.

We recognize he was speaking out of frustration. The team had just suffered a crushing loss, to a team they were supposed to be easily. And Texas A&M DID HAVE A LOT OF FANS in their stadium. Or at least it looked like, and sounded like they did.

But his suggestion could be giving us an inside look as to how seriously he took COVID within the team operations, and now the Gators could suffer because of it. Oh, and now Texas A&M has to go test everyone all over again, because the you know COVID!

If nothing else, we suggest Coach Mullen.. zip those lips buddy, you just jinxed your team!

Pack the Swamp? Really?

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