6 Fantasy Pickups You Need to Make NOW!

Let’s talk priorities: Last week, I gave ya Big Bob Tonyan, I gave you Justin Herbert. Weeks ago I gave you Chase Claypool! So I hope you hung on to him…I for one, did not.

1.Chase Claypool- He is a good example of why you need to remain active on the waiver wire and for me, he’s a good example for why you also need to let things breathe for a moment before you hit the eject button. For those who remember, I was very high on Chase Claypool after his week 2 blow-up against the Denver Broncos. Now, he didn’t see a lot of action, just 3 catches, but 1 of those catches went for an 84 yard TD pass. I also saw that Big Ben’s passer rating went through the rough when targeting Claypool. And I bought in. I told you to buy in. And then I dropped him! He followed that performance up with a 1 catch 24 yard performance…then this week, he scores 40+ fantasy points, and crosses the goal line for 4 scores. Lesson learned, pick him up again.

2.Justin Herbert- He was on my list last week folks, how many more times do I need to say this. The guy is a STUD! Over the last 3 games, only Josh Allen, Pat Mahomes, and Russell Wilson have scored more fantasy points than Herbert. And best part is, here’s his upcoming schedule: Jacksonville, Denver, Miami, Las Vegas.

3.Alexander Mattison- If you have Dalvin Cook and you don’t have Mattison, your not playing this game right. Even if you don’t have Cook, at least snake him from the Cook owner. Mattison is likely to start this week against Atlanta, which is a huge blow up opportunity. Do keep in mind, they have a bye the following week.

4.JD McKissic- If your desperate for RB, and who isn’t? McKissic is coming off a 10 point week, and has weirdly been targeted 6th most among RB’s in the pass game. You could do worse, I guess.

5.Mecole Hardman- You want players catching passes from Patrick Mahomes. Fact. Sammy Watkins is due to miss significant time with a hamstring injury (I know, your shocked) and Hardman is like Tyreek-lite.

6.Andy Dalton- Prescott’s injury is an absolute bummer, but, it does pave the way for a new name in fantasy…or an old new name in fantasy. I give you, Andy Dalton. Prescott was leading in just about every statistical category at QB, and while Dalton isn’t Dak, he is the QB on a team that leads league in pass yards and is 500 yards in front of 2nd place.

Denver Broncos v Pittsburgh Steelers

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