College Football Is Very Offensive

Georgia v Arkansas

There was 63-48. We also had 41-38. Throw in a 45-41. In total, 7 teams scored more than 40 points. 

Must be the Big XII? Nope, this is the new SEC. And today's SEC is not your grandad's SEC where we ran the ball and ran some more and won games 14-9 and 10-6. Today's SEC is more like arena football.

What happened? College football's offensive explosion has happened and even the best conference in the country is being invaded. But it's just that the SEC is the last conference to be hit by the latest fad in the game.

Scoring is on the rise and there is no sign of slowing down. Everyone runs tempo and everyone has playmakers and fans love it. Admit it, it was a blast watching Alabama put up 63 and as fun watching Ole Miss and Lane Kiffin posting 48.

In 2000, five teams averaged 40 points a game. So far in the crazy year of 2020, 15 teams are averaging 40 points a game. In 2000, one team averaged over 500 yards a game. Today, 11 are putting up 500 a game(Miami is averaging 499 per game).

SportsSource Analytics did the research and shows scoring in the SEC since 2005 is up eight points per game per team and averaging 88 more yards per game on offense.

The game is catered to the offense and officials are helping that. And you know what? Fans love points and fans would rather have their team lose 63-56 than lose 17-14.

The best teams will still play great defense. But today's best defensive teams have explosive offenses. The game has changed. The NFL has slowly embraced more of the spread and scoring is up in that league as well. 

Georgia and Alabama play this week. Florida and LSU play this week. There's a better chance the two games combine for 150 points than 75. Welcome to the college football era of big offense. It's here to stay...

Notes: Instead of a potential 1-3 start and warm seat for Jimbo Fisher, now it's all about how the Aggies might go 8-2? That's life week-to-week in college football...Just like Mike Leach was the genius about to change the SEC. His team has now lost two straight since beating LSU and they scored 2 points in a 24-2 loss to Kentucky. If you follow the game you know that is Mike Leach...Arkansas got screwed by officials, period...If you conclude Miami is not far from Clemson, recheck your assumption. The Canes' offense had one touchdown and it came late in the game. Clemson played a decent, not great, game. D'Eriq King is exciting, but he can't be your entire rushing game. He is now for Miami and a great defense, like Clemson, can then key on him. Miami's back could not muster any ground game and the Canes have no playmakers at receiver. Miami is better, but they are not close to Clemson and that's ok. Not sure anyone is on Clemson's level...LSU is a two-touchdown underdog at Florida? The Tigers are allowing almost 500 yards a game...Tom Herman is in his 4th season at Texas. They are 2-2 and could easily be 1-3. They have games with Oklahoma State, Iowa State and Kansas State among the remaining games. If the Longhorns finish 6-4 or 5-5, could they ask themselves if keeping Herman is smart? Yes, the pandemic makes it tough to think about big buyouts. But Texas has money and if recruits start wondering if you are the guy to be there for 4-5 years, you have a problem. Urban?...UMass football reversed course and announced they plan to play this fall. The Minutemen are playing as independents. They will play their first game at Georgia Southern this Saturday. Their next game? They don't have one. They are hoping to add games in the coming weeks if schools are looking for an opponent. But, they are already bowl eligible since the NCAA waived any minimum number of required wins and made all teams available for a bowl, even winless teams that might be 0-1...

Final thought: In a deck of cards, the king of hearts is the only king without a mustache.

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