"It's Going to be a QB Heavy Offseason" - @spotrac

Matt Stafford, Kirk Cousins, and Matt Ryan. Those are some of the big name, big money quarterbacks who are leading really bad teams right now. Could we see their respective teams move on from them after this season because of a lowered salary cap next year and the quarterback draft class coming in is expected to be great? Mike Ginnitti explains, "Detroit is for certain leaning toward a new coaching staff and probably a new QB, even though I really do like Stafford, that contract says they can get out after this year. That's not the case for Kirk Cousins. They just locked in two additional, fully guaranteed years so Minnesota is in trouble unless they can find a trade partner which seems absolutely impossible. You keep moving down the line, you can even put Matt Ryan in this conversation, you can certainly put Derek Carr in this conversation, and if we get there, Jimmy Garoppolo as well."

From the big name veteran quarterbacks, you can also throw in the younger QBs who would be up for new contracts such as Dak Prescott, Josh Allen, and Lamar Jackson as well as the draft class coming in and that's what leads to a heavy QB offseason.

Mike also talks about the regret that Texas A&M is having after giving Jimbo Fisher a long-term contract worth a lot of money.

Catch the interview below.


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