Kravitz's UPDATED Top 8 NFL MVP's After 4 Weeks of Football

Every Monday, I give you my MySpace top 8 MVP’s on the season, let’s keep the list current/up-to-date…here we go!

Recap- WEEK 2: 8- Gardner Minshew- 7- Ryan Tannehill 6- Lamar Jackson- 5- Devin White 4- Josh Allen - 3- Aaron Jones- 2- Russell Wilson- 1. Kyler Murray

Recap WEEK 3: 8- Devin White- 7- Ryan Tannehill- 6- Lamar Jackson- 5- Alvin Kamara- 4- Josh Allen- 3- Kyler Murray- 2- Aaron Rodgers- 1! Russell Wilson

Week 4:

8- Ryan Tannehill- This is likely the last week you see Ryan on the list, no game this week, and the last time we saw him he was just OK. But he hasn’t really done anything to remove him from the list after landing there the last 2 weeks.

7- Kyler Murray- He continues to be the best overall player on his own team. Not only the best QB (obviously), but he’s the best RB too. Maybe he should start catching his own passes. Just a thought. 2-2 record dings him a bit.

6- Pat Mahomes- The first time in 3 weeks Mahomes has cracked the list. He is ultimately the most valuable player in the league, but if we’re judging overall performance this year, he’s really starting to hit his stride, Mahomes has been on cruise control and this team is still undefeated heading into Monday night.

5- Tom Brady- Tom Terrific shoots up the list after another great performance and truly an MVP level comeback against the LA Super Chargers, without a full compliment of weapons.

4- Josh Allen- I still question just how good this Bills team actually is, and this was probably Allen’s most blah game, but they are still unbeaten and I can only deny the 2nd leading passer in the NFL for so long!

3- Alvin Kamara- This do-it-all Saints gadget does so much more than what even shows up in the box score…and there’s PLENTY that ends up in the box score. So much movement, misdirection, and production. He is what is keeping this Saints team afloat while Michael Thomas is out.

2- Aaron Rodgers- Challenge accepted. Rodgers says, you drafted a QB in the first round? I’ll show you how bad you need a QB. Curious to see what he looks like tonight, but he’s been damn near perfect thus far. 9 TD’s, no picks.

Number 1!- Russell Wilson- I mean, c’mon. What’s there to even say at this point? He’s the best player in the NFL this year by a decent margin. Entering Sunday, he had an effective completion % of 90. That’s ridiculous.

Honorable mention: Stefon Diggs, Dalvin Cook, Devin White, Stephon Gilmore

Los Angeles Chargers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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