Dolphins Need Ryan Fitzpatrick to be Ryan Fitz-Magic to Upset Seahawks

The Dolphins go from facing a Jacksonville Jaguars team that many were expecting to be in line for the No.1 pick to facing a team that looks poised to make a Super Bowl run. In Week 1, Fitzy reminded you of why he has been a career backup QB, throwing for less than 200 yards on 30 attempts and throwing 3 INTs with 0 touchdowns. Over the last 2 weeks, Fitzpatrick turned into Fitz-Magic, throwing 4 TD passes, 0 INTs, and last week only throwing 2 incomplete passes.

If the Dolphins want any chance at winning Sunday against the Seahawks, Josh Tolentino explains the Dolphins are going to need Ryan Fitzpatrick to be Ryan Fitz-Magic.

"If the Dolphins have any shot this weekend at upsetting the Seahawks at home, it's going to come by way of the Fitz-Magic because right now, I just don't think the defense is quite up to the task of containing Russell Wilson."

You can also hear what Josh liked and disliked last week in the win against the Jags in the podcast below.


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