Kravitz's UPDATED Top 8 NFL MVP's After 3 Weeks of Football

I gave you my MySpace top 8 MVP’s last week, why not update it week-2-week…here we go!

To recap- WEEK 2: 8- Gardner Minshew- 7- Ryan Tannehill 6- Lamar Jackson- 5- Devin White 4- Josh Allen - 3- Aaron Jones- 2- Russell Wilson- 1. Kyler Murray

Week 3:

8- Devin White- He was 5th on my list last week, a lot of great QB play pushes him to 8, still a dominant force in the Bucs improved defensive unit.

7- Ryan Tannehill- He did nothing to desuade me from his 7th overall ranking, another solid week, leading his Titans to a 3-0 record.

6- Lamar Jackson- This is where I had him ranked last week and he hasn’t played yet, so I’ll just leave him here.

5- Alvin Kamara- Yes, the Saints are 1-2, but this man is showing his swiss army knife ability. Michael Thomas goes down, so what does he do? He becomes one of the best receivers in the NFL. Right now 5th in the league in receiving yards and 2nd in receptions.

4- Josh Allen- The Bills should be 2-1 after the Rams were HOSED by the PI call, but, hard to deny how well Allen has played. 2nd in the NFL is pass yards, 2nd in TD’s, and only 1 turnover.

3- Kyler Murray- Bullish on my Murray ranking, not a great week 2 but he’s still proving his value is insanely high, he is the lone reason the Cardinals are 2-1 at this point.

2- Aaron Rodgers- He went from unranked to #2! That’s what happens when you start 3-0, toss 9 TD’s and throw zero interceptions.

Number 1! Russell Wilson- The guy isn’t just cooking anymore, he’s a gourmet chef, he’s Gordon Ramsey, he’s Emril – BANG! No doubt about it. 14 TD’s in 3 weeks, never been done before.

Green Bay Packers v New Orleans Saints

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