"The Hype is Real" - @JCTSports on Tua

As we get further into the season, the question of 'When will we see Tua?' will continue to get louder. But, as Josh Tolentino explains, we can pump the brakes on seeing Tua, at least for now.

"They brought Chan Gailey out of retirement. He has a great working relationship working with Fitz. They believe that Fitz can still make this team competitive. We continuously talk that he's going to mentor Tua through these first few months until they decide it's Tua time. I think we have to wait here a few months."

While fans continue to wait, Josh talked about the fact that the team has kind of hidden Tua from the media but that the hype surrounding him has always been real, "The hype is real. The hype was real back when they drafted him that this is what all Dolphins fans were going to talk about."

Catch the podcast with Josh below.


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