Does @BianchiWrites Buy UCF Being the Best CFB in Florida?

Who is the best college football team in Florida? The Gators? Canes? UCF? Depending on who you ask, there is a case to be made for all 3.

Bianchi makes the case that while UCF won't be known as the best team in Florida, because of difficulty in schedule, that they could be the highest ranked team, "Judging from game one, looking at the rest of their schedule, obviously they have Cincinnati, they have Memphis (if Memphis ever plays a game), I think UCF's going to run the table. The Gators, obviously in the SEC, they could lose a couple games this year so by the end of the season, it might not even be a debate. UCF, I'm not going to say they're the better team but I think they'll probably be the highest ranked team in Florida."

Bianchi also discusses if UCF is getting the national respect that fans don't believe they are getting.

Catch the podcast below.

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