.@ESPNMcGee, Big Ten Was "Trying to Do the Right Thing"

The Big Ten announced Wednesday that they will play football this fall starting at the end of October. They will play 8 games in 8 weeks and still have a chance to be apart of the CFB Playoff.

Ryan McGee explains that even though the presidents in the conference weren't on the same page, they were still trying to do the right thing, "Publicly, they haven't handled this well. They were never all on the same page, that was very obvious, but I don't question their motives. I think at the end of the day, they were trying to do the right thing."

The interview also takes a dive into Ryan's new book that came out Tuesday.

The book is written by Ryan McGee, he writes for ESPN.com, he’s also the co-host of Marty & McGee on SEC Network and ESPN Radio (heard here on ESPN Weekends), the book explores the impact of the game of college football on the fabric of his family – titled "Sidelines and Bloodlines: A Father, His Sons, and Our Life in College Football

Miss any of the interview with Ryan McGee? Catch the full podcast below.


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