2020 is Weird. Is it Weird Enough to get UCF into the Playoffs?

2020 is pretty weird. Living in bubbles and dealing with the list of things we've been dealing with is crazy to think and while it can be hard to stay positive, if you are a UCF fan, now might be the time for optimism. With so many question marks and a number of teams not playing this season, this could be the year that gets UCF into the College Football Playoff.

Reports say the Pac-12 isn't looking to start up until November at the earliest and who knows what is going on with the Big Ten? This means the "Power Five Argument" is voided out, considering only three of those conferences will be eligible. What are they going to do? Have four SEC teams compete?

Oh no. Why'd I put that into the universe?

Mike and I get into this thought even more in the podcast below.

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