Who's to Blame in Tallahassee?

Saturday did not go as expected for the Florida State Seminoles. They dealt with a couple separate weather delays and ended up walking away with a loss to start out the Mike Norvell era in Tallahassee.

The first drive was smooth as FSU marched right down the field for a touchdown but then the second lightning delay hit and when play resumed, the Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech just swarmed the Noles as they ended up winning 16-13.

So who deserves a bulk of the blame? Is it Mike Norvell? James Blackman? The offensive line?

Gene Williams explains why he isn't quite ready to blame Norvell after just one game, "As much as fans don't want to do it, but I think you have to give Mike Norvell a little bit of a pass here. He inherited a tough situation. Obviously unprecedented offseason with all the delays because of COVID."

Is Florida State as talented as fans would like to think they are? Gene answers that and more and you can catch his podcast below.


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