Tua Found Himself the Perfect Situation in Miami Says @JCTSports

We know Tua won't start for the Dolphins come week 1 when they take on the Patriots. We are not sure when exactly their first-round QB will see the field his rookie season if he does at all.

One thing that does appear to be certain is the kind of situation Tua has found himself in. Earlier this offseason, Ryan Fitzpatrick said he was Tua's "biggest cheerleader" and Fitzy knows that he will be the guy to mentor Tua throughout the season and he's fine with that.

Josh Tolentino explains that to be the reason why Tua is in the perfect situation with the Miami Dolphins, "He understands his place and knows Tua is the future of this franchise. He's ready to groom him, he's ready to show him the ins and outs of the National Football League and not just that, but how to be successful. He does have some winning seasons under his belt and more importantly, he has a lot of experience and it's like the perfect matchup Tua walked into."

Catch the podcast with Josh below.


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