Stephen A. Smith Claims Steve Nash Hiring is "White Privilege"

Stephen A. Smith is a hot take artist, but he also is a man with very passionate beliefs and he spoke on one of those that has gotten many people riled up. Stephen A. says that the Brooklyn Nets hiring Hall of Famer Steve Nash is "white privilege" because he has no coaching experience whatsoever.

Many have come out either against Stephen A directly, like Clay Travis or this Deadspin article, or not so directly like this Woj tweet.

Producer Austin's Opinion

This particular instance doesn't feel like white privilege. This feels like star players like Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving picking their Steve Kerr. Steve Nash is a Hall of Famer, had plenty of time in the league, and is known as one of the coolest dudes in the world, why shouldn't he get a shot at coaching an NBA team? Point guards make great coaches.

The bigger problem to me seems more that there aren't as many black head coaches in the league right now.

Why is a league that is predominantly black not led by more black men? I think there are bigger issues at hand, but I think that was the frustration Stephen A. had, not that Steve Nash didn't deserve this job.

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