Is This a Video Game? Bucs Add Leonard Fournette to High Powered Offense

Leonard Fournette, the seventh best rusher in the NFL last season, is joining Tom Brady, Gronk, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. Fournette signed a one-year deal that is reportedly worth up to $3.5 million.

Are we living in a Madden game right now? How does a team like the Bucs turn into this in one offseason?

The Bucs weren't bad last year per se. They finished 7-9, good enough for second in the division, but they had a QB who was a turnover machine. Jameis Winston had 30 interceptions during the season which always kept the talented Bucs stuck in place. Now they remedied that with Tom Brady. An aging Tom Brady, but the same Tom Brady who was in the playoffs a year ago. Sprinkle in a little Gronk just for good measure to take over for an abysmal OJ Howard. Now on offense there was one other question mark, the run game.

Ronald Jones II was the leading rusher for the Bucs last season with over 720 yards rushing, but nobody thought of him as a real rushing threat. He was a guy filling a spot. He did alright for himself and the team, but what happened next? Leonard Fournette gets dropped by Jacksonville who has gone into full tank mode. Fournette could've gone anywhere, but he decided to jump to the west coast of Florida and hangout with a couple future Hall of Famers.

This seriously has to be a Madden Franchise situation.

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