Should the Magic Sign Injured Jonathan Isaac to a Long-Term Deal?

The Orlando Magic are at a crossroads with their young star, Jonathan Isaac. Isaac is a budding superstar if he could stay off the injury list, which is not happening any time soon after blowing out his knee inside the NBA bubble. This sadly is nothing new for Magic fans to hear. According to Fox Sports, Isaac has suffered 11 injuries in the last two seasons, including two to his knee.

So the question is here, can you sign an injury prone Jonathan Isaac to a long-term deal? If we go off of his on the court and off the court activity, the answer is obviously yes. Isaac is a bastion in the community and is one of the most charitable athletes living in Orlando. He's the kind of superstar everyone wants in their city. On the court, he is a defensive nightmare for teams and his shooting has improved greatly in his two seasons.

But none of that matters if he can't stay on the court. Charity and dreams don't win you basketball games, and that's what the Magic need right now. The Magic don't want to lose Isaac, but they should not sign him long term until he can prove that he can stay healthy. I'd put him on a two-year deal worth the NBA average, but anything more than that would be too much of a risk for the Orlando Magic to take.

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